January 27, 2019
Postage stamps become more pricey
INLAND EMPIRE ?(INT) ?So-called ‘Forever?stamps for ‘snail mail?have become more pricey.

The value of a ‘Forever?stamp has jumped a full nickel to 55-cents.

The Postal Service implemented the single, biggest price increase in its history on Sunday, from 50-cents to 55-cents.

Five-years ago, a 3-cent increase was considered the biggest price hike for a First Class stamp. Ten years ago, a single stamp was worth 44-cents.

The Postal Service has been mired in red ink for years. The USPS figures the latest increase will generate at least $2 billion a year.

For customers, the only hedge against future price hikes lies in purchasing ‘Forever?stamps now which are good until they are used.
Story Date: January 27, 2019
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